Welcome to the adventures of a vintage VW bus and her companions across the Americas! Read about our story, our adventures, and follow us along as we explore this gorgeous world.

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Snapshots: Lessons on Minimalism

Traveling like we do teaches you to change your perspective. Things that were once important don’t always stay that way; other things take their place. Changing your perspective, however, is what makes every day of travel an adventure.

Read Big Emma’s diary and experience the trip from the perspective of the Bus:


#164 Home

Join Big Emma in Illinois for her final diary (for now!).


Big Emma in the Woods

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out this new short video, made by two absolutely amazing filmmaker friends of ours. Like us, they fell in love with Big Emma and just had to put her on camera.

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Travel and Travelers

The Consequences of a Flash Flood, Part 1: Blindsided

We were completely unsuspecting when we woke up in the middle of the night in rural Belize, surrounded by water. We spend the next half hour stranded between intense chaos and incredible clarity, in a flash flood brought all our plans to a standstill.

Language and Culture

Uno, Two, Dree, Gadu…Welcome to Belize

Belize was the most culturally diverse country we had visited. What language should we use to greet someone, and what were our choices in the first place?