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Emma is a writer, traveler, and teacher. She co-runs this blog and is currently traveling in her VW Bus “Big Emma” from Alaska to Argentina. She loves everything colorful and occasionally licks a rock. She doesn’t believe in mustard.


Traveling like we do teaches you to change your perspective. Things that were once important don’t always stay that way; other things take their place. Changing your perspective, however, is what makes every day of travel an adventure.


Starting this week, we will be resuming our usual publishing schedule. Check in with us on Thursdays for more stories about Mexico and Belize, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new Big Emma Diaries.

Travel and Travelers

Traveling like we do, there is always a soundtrack playing in the background. Occasionally made of music, it is also the sounds of the streets, the people, the atmosphere that make a place come alive. Sounds continue to define a place long after you are gone, and are part of what makes every day an adventure.


Vanlife is a popular form of alternative living. And yet, more often than not, vanlifers appear to take on rather classic gender roles. What is the typical gender-role division in vanlife, and why is it so predictable?


Vanlife does not collide well with dressing to the nines, and it doesn’t have to. There is simplicity in forgetting to brush your hair in the morning or cooking something cheap. An exploration of adaptation to road life through food and fashion.

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