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#162 Little Big Emma is on an Island


Emma and Sven had to wait for me to teleport, so they went to an island in Belize while they waited and then they would take an aeroplane to pick me up from the teleporter in the USA. I asked What is an island? And Emma said, An island is a piece of land that is surrounded by the ocean. And then I told her, That sounds horrible, Emma! Why would you want to go there? You need to be really careful.

We will, Big Emma. Remember, humans don’t rust like cars do. We will be fine on the island. I am just sad you can’t come with us. We will take Little Big Emma for you instead. But I didn’t tell Emma that I think it is stupid that Little Big Emma gets to go even if it is an island and I don’t want to go anyways because then Little Big Emma gets to take pictures like this one instead of me. 

But it’s also kind of okay that now I am just teleporting and not doing anything. I’m still kind of tired. 

I feel stupid because I can’t drive right and Sven and Emma can’t live in me and camp with me now. What kind of Bus am I if I can’t camp with them? That’s all I did in the last few years and we went all the way to Alaska and to Canada and all over Mexico and we met Buddy and Rita and the 4Runner. Now all I can do is sit in the garage. What if that makes me dead like the dinosaurs?

I hope that I am not dead like the dinosaurs. I still want to go to Argentina and have all the adventures on the way. 

I hope I am done teleporting soon.


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