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#161 This is How You Teleport


Look, now I’m teleporting! This is me getting into the container before I started teleporting

But now I’m all alone except with Eduardo, and it’s very dark here in the teleporter. It reminds me of being in the river. I don’t think I like teleporting that much.

And it feels like being on a boat, and I don’t like being on boats because they go over the ocean and then I could fall off and rust or it could get angry like the river and then I would rust too. I’m glad I’m just in the teleporter and not on a boat. 

I have a long time to think and talk to myself and to Eduardo. And even if I don’t like the container and the river and that my engine doesn’t run well and that I can’t go to Argentina until my interior is better and that I have to go to Illinois first which is even farther away from Argentina than Belize then I can still be happy about being in Illinois soon and seeing Emma’s family and my own garage and getting a new interior and learning how to teleport. It’s okay if it takes us longer to get to Argentina, it just makes the adventure longer. 

I wonder how long teleporting takes. 


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Big Emma is a VW Bus. She was born in 1975 and since then has been on many adventurous trips. She is currently on her most ambitious journey yet, traveling with her companions, Emma and Sven, from Alaska to Argentina.
Big Emma likes gasoline, roads, and Buddy. She’s not big on salt water or thieves.

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