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#164 Home


I made it back to my very own garage in Illinois. It was actually very nice to turn my engine off and just be in the garage. If I have to just be somewhere, this is my favorite garage to be in. 

I told Emma that I thought that, and asked her what that feeling was called. She said it’s called Home.


I am going to end my diary here for now and just rest for a while. I like writing it, but I want to write about my adventures and not about the garage. But don’t worry, I’ll let you know before we start going again to Argentina. And I’m glad you liked reading my diary. 


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  1. But Big Emma………………………….
    Don’t you want to let everyone know about your new insides (and outsides) as your human family and friends like Robbie and Colin pay attention to you ?
    You are a Phoenix (rising out of the waves instead of the flames) and I am guessing at least some people would like to see the progress of your ‘rebirth’. Or do you just want to surprise them after is it all done ?

    • Andrew! Don’t worry, of course I’m going to tell everybody everything about all my new insides and about Robbie and Colin and you and everybody else. But I think I will wait a while. It’s hard to always write diaries that everybody always wants to read and keep everybody happy, you know? But don’t worry, I won’t forget. Emma says it’ll be like Season 2 of my diaries, except they will be even better than they were before!

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