Thank You



To all those who have helped and supported us along the way, we want to express our gratitude. Even the smallest of kindnesses, helping hands, and kind words are sometimes all it takes to make a big difference in our day. For everyone who has contributed to the GoBigEmma project, thank you.

We would especially like to thank:

Family and friends –

Our parents, especially the contributions of Andrew and Deborah, without whom the project would never have taken place. A big thank you to Martina, Horst, Ingo, Sylke, Ute, and Dirk. Also, all of those who accepted that we had to do all of this in the first place.

The bus people and our fellow travelers –

Colin and the Itinerant Air-Cooled; Jonathan, GG, and their family in Denver; The Samba; Ben and Leah of Hasta Alaska, Vivir Amerikombiando, and Kombi pal Norte for all of the travel advice; Ramblin’ Dawgs; Greg, Andrew, Josh and their buddies from the Victoria VW Club; Andrew and Kim in Seattle, as well as Stu and the rest of the Seattle bus crew; Irie to Aurora; Ryan and Hailey; Robbie and his family in Santa Clarita; Kent and Guadalupe in Palm Springs; Wanderglobe; Drive2Ski; Andrew and Momo; Malimish; Wanderwasi; Bodeswell; HV Adventure; SouthbySyncro; and and extra-special thanks to Its not a slow car its a fast house.

Those who donated music –

Missing the Point; Abel Esbenshade; LiarConfess; Sitka Winter; Sweeds; The Girl with the Hair; Autumn Weathered

Those who showed us kindness along the way –

Jeffer in Wisconson; Carmen, Steve and Randy in South Dakota; Niels, Olivia, and Claire in Missoula; Concept-1 in Calgary for letting us use their parking lot and all of the advice; the woman at the glass-repair shop in Dawson Creek, whose name we sadly didn’t get; Teo and Kevin, as well as The Bus and Us and their wonderful family in Anchorage; The kind Schindeldeckers in Telkeetna; Bill and Brandon, extremely unique and very cool couchsurfing hosts in Healy; The unnamed trucker in Coldfoot; The Rivera Family for all of their wonderful kindness; Ben from One Stop Automotive in North Pole, Alaska; Jason and Kyle in Fairbanks for just being awesome; Mkyla, Cliff, and Alyssa in Smithers for a load of laundry for complete strangers and a wonderful morning of company; Erin and her sister Lauren for a safe haven in a big city; Eleni and Michel in Victoria; Ella in Sooke; Descend on Bend; Shameem in Portland; Marissa and her family in Philomath; our dear friends Shara and Wes in Woodside; the entire wonderful Sweedler family; Brian and Chloe and their parents in Oceanside; Mike in Oceanside; Jenetti on Baja; All of our friends at the Corozon Guest House in Guadelajara; Alan and Carol Chesler; Carlos, Thomas, and all of their employees in Belmopan; David from Brooklyn;

Our fellow travelers –

Caro and Konsti from Germany, Kevin from nobodyreallyknowswhereexactly; Klim and Alex from Russia; Annika from Germany; Phil from Germany

To everybody else who…

honked at our Bus and thought our trip was cool; donated to put some gas in our tank; read one of our blog entries or watched one of our videos; took a picture of our Bus; waved; offered us help or shelter; let us borrow their car jack; googled us; sent us their good wishes and just in general showed us their support.