Author Sven

Travel and Travelers

We took the leap and left Anglo-America behind for Mexico. The stark contrast between the two worlds is most visible at the border that divides them, but it’s also undeniable in every moment in these first days. While we are gathering our first impressions of Mexico, the country welcomes us with warm hearts, open arms, and fish tacos.

Travel and Travelers

We are about to leave the United States and head into Mexico. About time to take a look into the rear view mirror. Where have we been? What has happened? What have we learned? Come join us on a short hike across the past 9 months, to people and places that have made a lasting impression.


Vanlife is a free and beautiful way of alternative living. It’s also rapidly gaining popularity, but our society is not made for it. We can only live in our van because most other people don’t. What does the rising popularity of vanlife mean? And what would happen if we all moved into our vans?

the Bus

The VW community is more than we could ever wish for, providing not only mechanical help when we need it the most, but also a sense of home as we meet like-minded friends in places we’ve never been to.