Welcome to our house. It’s pretty small, and it rolls around a lot. It has three floors: an upper level, a ground floor, and a basement. It also has many different rooms – a sun room, a semi-detachable kitchen, two bedrooms that each sleep two, a library, and a living and dining room. I’m sorry, but we don’t have a bathroom. If you need to go, feel free to just step outside, or we can make a more civilized pit stop, if that’s what you prefer. Please, come in. I’ll give you the grand tour.

We’ll start on the ground floor, where we spend most of our time. Here is the sun room – you can see through the bay window all around you, in almost every direction. There are two chairs placed specifically for looking out the window and gazing out into the coming horizon. We spend a lot of time in here.Emma-in-the-Bay-Window

As we continue, I will take you into the kitchen. There’s a cabinet to your left that holds our cooking gear, pots and pans, as well as other kitchen-related materials, fire starters and bug repellent, and our faucet. We don’t really have a sink, but I can offer you a wash basin. The cabinet to your right is also part of the kitchen – it contains our stove, which we can set up anywhere we like, food storage, and Tupperware that can be very useful. And, of course, our refrigerator. Would you like a cup of coffee? It takes a few minutes, but it’s nice and warm on a damp day.

Now we are practically in the living room, which can be converted to the dining room at your convenience. Have a seat. Here, we hang out, ride along, work and study. To your right, if you take a peek into the cabinets, is our library. We have a collection of twenty-seven books, at the moment. Feel free to borrow them. We also have a writing desk. You always need a good set of writing materials, scissors and paper and such things. We also have tons of storage, and all kinds of useful gadgets tucked into the tightest of corners.

This-bed-is-so-comfy!If you get sleepy, we can move into the bedroom. Just fold down the bench and pull back the curtains. It’s very cozy. Be careful, though, not to hit your head. People often misjudge the ceiling height, and a bump on the head is not the best thing to wake up to first thing in the morning. Above the bed is also a dresser, where you can store your clothes if you pack tightly.

Moving on to the upper level, you can see we have a skylight, which can let in a lot of light and offers a great view if you care to draw back the curtains. As vaulted ceilings tend to do, it makes the whole house much roomier. It can get a little chilly at night, but also lets in a lot of fresh air.


Here is the guest room. It offers great views. We sometimes use it for storage if we do not have guests, and it conveniently folds down tight so it does not wiggle around too much when we are on the move.

We also have a rooftop. As you can see, this is where our we gather our electricity. Even on cloudy days, we manage to get some, which comes in very handy. We also have some more storage – a chair or two, a solar shower, and of course some extra fuel. You never know when you might run out.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the basement. I’m very sorry, but it is very dirty down there. Be prepared, and maybe take a change of clothing. We spend a lot of time down here, fiddling around and adjusting things. You would never know, looking at the rest of the house, how complex a basement can be. In the back is our machine room. It has many little useful parts. Actually, all of the parts are useful, and pretty important. It may seem strange, but it is the most important room in the house, and we try to keep it as clean as we can.

And I saved the best part for last – come and visit our garden. It changes a lot. The seasons change, the plants and the animals that live there change, and so do the colors – but they are always vibrant. Sometimes the weather is very bad, and it’s good to stay inside. Some days we don’t like our garden so much, but we move on and soon we are happy with it again. It is very versatile, and can offer you anything you want. Try it. Step outside, and explore.


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  1. What a fantastic description of your rolling home! I’m dreaming of someday having my own bay window mansion on wheels. In the meantime, I live vicariously through my friends on Instagram and blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Was für eine originelle Idee! Eine überaus gelungene Beschreibung eures Domizils. Ich habe deinen Beitrag mit viel Vergnügen gelesen. Er könnte Lehrmaterial für jeden Makler sein.

  3. Frauke Palmer on

    Delightful! Just shows it all depends on how you look at things. Enjoy your changeable garden and take care to keeping that machine room humming.

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