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#149 Of course I’m the Best Because I’m Beautiful!


Emma and Sven decided to stay in this hostel for a few days. I was like, Well why do you guys want to stay in a stupid hostel? And Emma got annoyed and she said, We love you Big Emma but sometimes humans need time without buses, too. Don’t worry, you can park right outside our window so we can check on you.

So I said Fine and parked outside the window. But then I wasn’t lonely because another van who also wanted to go to Argentina showed up to keep me company.

And then Emma and Sven and all the other humans were talking about going to Argentina and driving all that way and how humans take all different kinds of cars like the 4Runner and Rita and all other kinds. And Sven told everybody, Big Emma is much stronger than you’d think, it actually makes her our perfect overlanding vehicle. She doesn’t look like she can make it up all those hills, but she can! And so then I told everybody, Yeah of course I can make it up the hills! But most importantly, I am the prettiest car around! There’s no way any other vehicle could be better to take to Argentina! And Sven just shook his head but I didn’t understand why. Do you have a fly on your head, Sven? I asked.


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