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#148 I Wonder if I can See Argentina from Here


I wonder if I look really really really hard I can see Argentina from here? I mean, we are already in Belize and we’ve come so far, it has to be close now, right?

So I kept looking and looking for Argentina and finally Sven told me that I can’t see it because it’s still so far away. You can’t see Alaska either, he said, and Argentina is even farther away than that! Anyways, why do you want to see Argentina? There are so many cool places between here and there that we still get to enjoy!

You’re right Sven! I told him. I can’t wait to be in so many of them! I can’t wait to go to the rainforest in Brazil, and speak more Spanish in Guatemala and Colombia, and maybe even meet some more Mexican Kombis! We are going to have so many adventures I can’t even think of all of them now! I don’t even want to be close to Argentina yet!


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