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#26 Bus Friends are Bus Friends, no Matter How Far You’ve Gone


So, remember how we went camping with Irie from Irie To Aurora and Rita from The Bus And Us a while ago? So now we got to park together again! I got so excited when Sven said we were going to do that, I just zoomed up that mountain!

We had so much catching up to do. It has been almost two months since we last saw each other. Irie has been hanging around Oregon, and she got to go to the desert and the mountains. I told her I’ve seen some mountains since we last saw each other, but not the desert. I would really like to go to the desert, so I’m a bit jealous of her. It doesn’t rain in the desert. Not like in the rainforest, where we keep hanging out.

And Rita has even been up to Canada! I told her we won’t go back to Canada, we need to go to Argentina first (Rita’s even been to Argentina before! I’ve only met a few other buses that have been that far away before. Most of them have only traveled around the US or Canada).

So we were talking and talking and talking, and then: it started snowing!


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