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I’M SO HAPPY I COULD JUST MEEP ALL NIGHT LONG (except that Emma said that was rude so I can’t do that so I won’t!)
Look, I get to stay in the house too!!! Just like the humans do! I think Emma and Sven felt really really bad about my toolbox being gone and that somebody opened my window. And guess what?! They not only made me locks for my triangle windows, they also LET ME STAY IN THE HOUSE TOO!!! We can stay up all night and hang out and be inside and it’s almost like we’re camping together!
Now at night I get to park in here instead of on the stupid street!! No more stupid humans who will steal my toolbox!
And I’m sorry about what I said about houses. And baby cats. And I’m sorry I said I’d find new humans, I was just mad. Emma and Sven are the best humans, I don’t really want different ones.

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