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#150 I Talked to Sven and Watched the Sun Set


You know we’ll always take care of you, Big Emma, right? Sven told me yesterday while we were parked. Yeah, I said.

We parked next to a place with a lot of monkeys and we could listen to them while we watched the sunset. But what if I ever break and you can’t fix me? I asked Sven. He said, Well, we’ll always try to make sure you don’t break that much. You’re strong, Big Emma, you won’t break that easily. And I said, Yeah.

And I’ll take care of you, too, just in case you break, I told Sven. Thank you, Big Emma, he said, you already take care of us. You do all the driving and camping. I thought about that for a while and watched more of the sunset. Yeah, I told him, but I don’t want you to break. That would be the worst and then Sven smiled.


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