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#150 I Talked to Sven and Watched the Sun Set


You know we’ll always take care of you, Big Emma, right? Sven told me yesterday while we were parked. Yeah, I said.

We parked next to a place with a lot of monkeys and we could listen to them while we watched the sunset. But what if I ever break and you can’t fix me? I asked Sven. He said, Well, we’ll always try to make sure you don’t break that much. You’re strong, Big Emma, you won’t break that easily. And I said, Yeah.

And I’ll take care of you, too, just in case you break, I told Sven. Thank you, Big Emma, he said, you already take care of us. You do all the driving and camping. I thought about that for a while and watched more of the sunset. Yeah, I told him, but I don’t want you to break. That would be the worst and then Sven smiled.


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Big Emma

Big Emma is a VW Bus. She was born in 1975 and since then has been on many adventurous trips. She is currently on her most ambitious journey yet, traveling with her companions, Emma and Sven, from Alaska to Argentina.
Big Emma likes gasoline, roads, and Buddy. She’s not big on salt water or thieves.

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