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#110 Emma is Angry at Me

I think Emma is angry at me because I want to go to the Amazon.
Well, I don’t think that’s my fault! See, Sven told me all about the Amazon. It’s a rainforest, which is a forest where it rains a lot, and we are going to adventure there! Sven said there are monkeys and lizards and all kinds of animals that I can meet and learn about. And that we get to go on a really big river, one of the biggest in the world, and no other buses go on the Amazon but I will! And it is really far from the ocean, so it’s perfect!
I was so excited I told them I will drive there right now! We don’t need to go to the ocean in Mexico first! And I asked Sven to turn on my engine and get in and that I bet we can be there by the end of the week!
And then Emma said we couldn’t go to the Amazon right now, that we would have to wait a year or longer!! And I said NO I WANT TO GO NOW! The Amazon sounds like a better place than the ocean! I’ll go there without you guys!
And then Emma got really mad because she said we couldn’t go without them, because Sven needed to drive me and they were going to go to the ocean first. And that countries wouldn’t let just a car in without humans and who would pay for my gas and she said a lot more stuff. But I still want to go to the Amazon. Maybe I’ll just sneak away while they’re sleeping.

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