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#147 This Lizard isn’t as Good as Me But He is Good Too


I’ve decided recently that I like taking pictures of animals. I learn a lot and can meet them all, and there are so many in Belize! Sven said that Belize is famous for all of its special animals, that other places in the world don’t have, like this green lizard right here.

I asked Emma if it is boring if I only write about animals in my diary. Don’t all of my fans want to read about me instead of animals? I asked her. Emma told me, If you want to talk about animals in your diary then you should do that Big Emma. Not all of the posts have to be about you. And I like the lizard, he’s pretty.

But I am prettier, I told her, so I think they will want to read about me. So I think I will just write some of my diary about animals, but don’t worry, I will still write a lot about me! And I went over to tell the lizard that I will put him in my diary but also that I think he would be even prettier if he was red and yellow.


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