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#100 Yay I Have 100 Diaries!

Look, I’ve written 100 diaries! That’s so much writing! It’s like I’m a writer too.
I thought I would show you something special for my 100th diary (I can keep telling you about everything else next time). This is a picture of me writing my diary. I thought I would show you how I do it. Emma helps me (she’s so nice!) because I can’t type or use a computer, and apparently you can only write a diary using a computer. Humans are so useful with fingers and other body parts that they can move all on their own.

So what she does is she shows me all the pictures they have taken (they take sooo many it sometimes takes forever to look through all of them. But I don’t get bored because most of them have me in them and I really like pictures of me!) and then I tell her which one I want to talk about in my diary. Then I tell her what I want to say and she writes it down and reads it back to me in case I want to change anything (she said that’s what good writers do), but I never want to change anything because it’s always perfect.

I even let Sven keep the towel that was hanging on my mirror for the picture, even though it looks ridiculous! Emma said that’s better because it looks more authentic and that’s what you should do when you show people how you write your diary (don’t worry, I make him take it down for all of my normal pictures!).

I asked Emma if I am actually a writer because I don’t actually write anything. She said yes but I don’t know if she’s right. Maybe I’m just a talker instead.

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