Have a peek inside the life of a VW Bus.
Big Emma's life across the American continent in pictures and words, new every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

#1: I’m Big Emma and This Is my Diary. Like, Really, Just Mine!


Hi. My name is Big Emma. I’m…well I’m kind of a Bus. A VW Bus, the best kind of buses around (and don’t you forget it!). Sven and Emma always get to write things, why shouldn’t I, just because I’m a Bus? Buses need express themselves too, you know.

Anyways, this is me. I’m red and yellow, the best colors ever. Aren’t I beautiful? Sunshine always brings out my best angles. I have four wheels, and an engine. I go “meepmeep!” (and when I do, you better get out of the way. Or wave and meep back. Depending on what kind of meep, of course). What else can I say about me?

This is my diary, so I can just talk about me all the time! Three times a week. That sounds like a good amount. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’ll publish a new page of my diary. About me! Isn’t that great?
Man, there is just sooo much to say about me! I could go on, like all day. So this one time…


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