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#135 Hey Big Mama, I Get to Blog Again!

I finally get to write my diary again! Emma said I had to take a break because we went to a new country called Belize. I said But I don’t want to take a break from my diary, what will everybody think of me? But Emma said she didn’t know if we had enough Internets in Belize to write my diary, but said it was okay to keep talking about Mexico when I could blog again and that’s now! So this is what happened back in Mexico:
I did get a surprise, just like Emma and Sven said! We got to see Big Mama from HV Adventure again and I was so happy to see her after so long! Hello Big Mama, it’s great to see you again! I told Big Mama when I saw her and got really excited! I haven’t seen you since California, and that was like forever ago!
I asked her where she had been since then and she said she had gone all the way to Costa Rica and back! Wow that’s so far! I told her. What was it like?
She said it was really rainy, because it’s in the rainforest. I guess Costa Rica is kind of like Oregon.

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