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#146 You’re so Small, Belize!


So we were driving through Belize and you know what? It is so small that Emma said I could drive through all of it in just a few hours! She said we drove on almost all of the highways of the country already and we just got here!

So just in case Belize was listening, I told it Where I come from it takes days and days to drive through the whole country! And that if you go to Alaska it will take you weeks and weeks! And I also said, And then we went to Mexico and it took us six months to drive through all of it! You should try it sometime, maybe you would want to become a bigger country, too!

But then Emma said it was silly of me to talk to Belize. Belize is a country, it can’t hear you or talk back or understand anything you’re saying. You can’t just talk to random things and expect them to talk back. And I told Emma, I don’t understand what you mean, Emma.


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