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#53 Buddy Likes Me Because he Gave me Hearts!

Look what I got! Buddy gave me hearts and that means he really likes me! I’m so happy!
I know that sounds weird, so let me explain: last week was a human day that is special (they call those holydays) and this one is about flowers and giving people shapes called hearts. I really didn’t understand why. Why are hearts better than other shapes? Emma said that’s something that humans do every year and some people think it shows that they like each other.
And then I said but how come people don’t just say they like each other, why do you need flowers and hearts? She said some people also just say it, but sometimes people like hearts. She said she and Sven don’t like hearts very much either, but other humans really like them. She said it was something that maybe only humans could understand.
But now I understand it, because Buddy gave me some! He said that what Emma said was stupid, because hearts are a great way to say that he likes me. Because humans already have their own hearts, but buses don’t have any. But now I have four and that means he really really likes me! I like hearts, and I really like Buddy! I decided to wear them on my window.

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