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#52 I Get to See Buddy and his Human Again and that’s Better than Florida!

I have so much awesome stuff to tell you! I got to see Buddy again! He was also really happy to see me, I think. I got to park next to him for two weeks! We’re going to have so much fun, just like we did before when the picture was taken!
That part is not so awesome, but still a bit awesome. We all drove back down to the bottom of California again, because Sven and Emma wanted to get on an areoplane and fly. They said I didn’t have to worry, because they were only going to fly to a place called Florida, and that’s not across the ocean.
At first I really wanted to go, because they said they get to see all of the people from back home in Illinois (I especially wanted to see Andrew, Emma’s dad, because he used to spend a lot of time with me and helped me become really pretty like I am now. I wish I could see him again). And I argued with them for a long time and they just kept telling me that buses can’t ride on
And I argued with them for a long time and they just kept telling me that buses can’t ride on areoplanes like humans do and that we would have many adventures once they get back. But THEN they said that I could stay with Buddy and Robbie while they were gone, and I got very happy again! I missed Sven and Emma, but it’s even better to park next to Buddy for so long, too!
AND his human is really really nice to me and made a bunch of stuff better. He took off my door and made it very nice and smooth, and it is much more¬†comfortable¬†now to open and close! Instead of going scrrrrrreeetttch it goes swwwwiiish now and doesn’t feel as hard to move. And he rotated my tires and changed one of my tie boots (those are near my front wheels on my bottom) and all kinds of other stuff. He’s so nice. Just like Buddy. And Sven said they would keep fixing a lot of things! This is much better than that stupid Florida place!

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