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#35 That’s Me and Buddy


I didn’t need to know what to do next! That’s me and Buddy, just cruising like VWs should! I was just like “What’s next guys? Where are we going to go with my new distributor?” And Buddy told his human Robbie to jump in and we went cruising around.

Aren’t I pretty? And he is so pretty too! That’s because our trusty humans gave us a wash. Robbie and Emma were so nice, they just scrubbed and scrubbed me. I forgot how much I like being clean on my outside! All of this adventuring makes me pretty dirty, but I think that just makes me look more hard-core (that’s what Sven said, anyways).

All of this traveling is not just to look shiny! But I’m still a lady and I do like looking shiny. Especially traveling with such a pretty bus like Buddy. Meepmeep! I bet I can pass you, watch out!


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