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#36 That’s Me and Buddy Again, Camping


So after we did so much cruising around and getting washed, we went to the airport! A friend of Emma and Sven’s came to visit from really far away. I don’t know him very well yet, but if he’s friends with my humans he’s probably a good one, too.

And then we went camping! We just look so cute there in the sunshine. Buddy’s orange color goes perfect with my gorgeous red and yellow!

I asked what we were going to do next and Buddy said something horrible! He said we were going to go park by the ocean because the humans wanted to try this thing called surfing where you stand on a big thing and get pushed around by the waves. I said that sounded ridiculous, they couldn’t possibly want to do that. Of course they won’t want to go into the ocean!


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  1. Dear Big Emma,

    I feel so bad that I hadn’t read your diaries yet! It looks like you and your humans are having a great time. You are right to feel pretty; you are such a classic beauty. I think you might inspire me and my husband to adopt a bus to have fun with, and take care of.

    Be safe out there, no running on the ice!

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