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#54 They Took my Engine Out!

They said it would be good for me, but still, it was really scary! Emma and Sven came back from Florida (Buddy and his human Robbie went and got them and brought them back to me. They are so nice!) and they decided to take my engine out. And I was like What?! I need that, guys! Otherwise I can’t go on any adventures anymore, which would just be horrible!
But they told me not to worry. Robbie said he is very good at taking engines out, and he always puts them back in. And Buddy said it’s okay, he’s seen his human do it many times and all of the buses felt better afterward.
But I don’t even feel bad! But Sven said this might me feel better when we get to Mexico or Brazil or any of the other countries we might go to. How will that help me? That’s just stupid. But I trust Buddy and Robbie, and Sven and Emma. So I think it will be okay. I told them to be very careful, or I would run them over.

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