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#55 That’s My Clutch Disk

I told Sven to be very careful with that. That’s my clutch disk.
I’ve never actually seen my clutch disk before, because usually it’s deep inside me. It’s hard to explain what it does if you’re not a bus. But it basically sits between my transmission and my engine and turns around a lot to make sure they work together properly. If I don’t have a clutch disk, I won’t be able to drive at all.
Sven said he would be very careful, he just wanted to measure it and clean it, which seems important. While he was measuring it, I asked him where humans clutch disks are, because I actually don’t know where their transmissions are either. He said humans don’t have clutch disks like buses do, but that they have all different parts that work differently, and it makes humans different than buses. What parts do humans have? I asked him. And his answer was ridiculous! He said that humans have hearts! So, if humans have hearts on their insides, did he still have his or did he give it to Emma already? Because, I told him, that’s what you do with hearts.

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