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#47 Meet the Sweedlers!


We left the desert and took my new human Phil to the airport. But we are always meeting other new humans, so maybe another one will come along to live with us for a while sometime.

But speaking of meeting new humans – we met some! These are our friends the Sweedlers (that’s at least what Emma and Sven call them sometimes, sometimes they also call them Rob, Ben, and Jeff). Okay, so they are not actually new humans, because I’ve met them before. They live back in Illinois where Emma is from, and they used to come get rides in me around town there! It is so nice to see some familiar faces! They aren’t living in me like Phil was, they just come in to get out of the rain and visit and ride around.

We went together to this place where they went on a hike (they said I couldn’t go with because there was no road to where they were going, but that they would tell me all about it and show me pictures later). They went to this place where old buildings are that people in this town made, but I didn’t understand what it was for. But all of the buildings were weird, they said, not like normal buildings, and you could go in them and climb on them. It would be fun to climb on something.


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