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#48 I Want to Go to the Stars


I have so much to tell you! Emma told me all about the stars and they seem so fascinating! She said they are like the sun, but really far away, like how mountains are far away when we are driving. But she said they are much farther away, like a million oceans away! And that the space between us and them is kind of like the ocean, because there are no roads.

It seems like such an interesting place to visit. I asked her if we could go there instead of to Argentina, but she said buses don’t go to the stars. They only take things that are like areoplanes, and that only humans can ride in them. She said most humans never get to go to the stars either.

But it seems like such a good adventure! I want to go to the stars. I bet Sven could take so many good pictures of me with them, and there is probably so much cool star-space to explore. I hope one day that buses can go on areoplanes.


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