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#46 What Night Time is Like


This is me in the night time. Night time comes every day. Emma says the sun goes to the place where Phil came from, across the ocean, during the night time. And during the day time it goes away from that place and comes over here. This seems very confusing to me.

Sven and Emma sleep during the night time a lot. I don’t sleep, but we do turn my headlights out and it gets dark and I rest. Resting just means I don’t have my engine on, and it can take a break from moving. But sometimes we stay up late in the night time and we turn on my LED lights before Sven and Emma go to bed. I love it when we hang out like this.

I also like that I can see the stars. They only come out when it’s not raining and my headlights are off. I don’t really understand the stars, but Emma said she would tell me about them soon. Well, whatever they are, they are pretty, like me.

We have to take our friend Phil back to fly on an areoplane tomorrow. I like having him around. I’m gonna miss him.


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