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#40 We Went with my New Human Phil to the Desert

This is my new human named Phil! We went to go pick him up so he can live with all of us for two weeks. Sven said he came here on an areoplane, that he flew kind of like a bird from very far away to travel with us. That may seem like it was really hard, but Sven said areoplanes are mostly about waiting. And even if it was hard, no wonder Phil wants to come stay with us anyways. It is awesome hanging out with me!
I like having new humans around. They are always so nice to me. Phil helps put up my raincoat every day. And he helps Sven do the dishes (Sven hates doing dishes, so I’m glad Phil came all the way here to help him). Phil also likes taking pictures of me so that’s even better!
We left the place near the ocean with Robbie and Buddy and went into the desert. In the desert there is a lot of sand and rocks and sometimes Emma and Sven are scared I will get stuck in the sand. I don’t get stuck! But it is nice of them to worry about me. Anyways, I wonder how I’ll like this desert. I do miss Buddy though. He should come follow us.

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