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#20 Emma, Get Away From There, Right Now!


I couldn’t believe it! We were traveling along the coast and you could see the ocean, but then Emma and Sven decided to go really close! And I was like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? It was so dangerous, I couldn’t believe it!

They climbed out onto the rocks and the waves got really really big and splashed everywhere. And all I could do was watch from really far away where I was parked. When they left me they said they would just go down to look at it, not climb all over it and get really close!

I was really worried. I mean, I don’t like the rain, but it’s only rain. Rain doesn’t make you rust really bad like the ocean does! What if they got wet? They will be all rusty really soon, and then we will all have to go to the human doctors and sand the rust off and weld new skin parts onto them. It’s just horrible! Get away from there guys!


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