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#44 This Place Feels much Bigger than Me


This place is big, this desert. I guess the forests back before were also very big, but you didn’t notice as much because you usually can’t see through the trees. Except in Alaska, and on the way there. Then you could sometimes be driving on the top of a mountain and you could see the forest forever. Anyways, in the desert you can see so far it really is really big.

This place is called Death Valley, Emma said. I was like That sounds horrible! Why would you name a valley Death? She said it got its name because it is very hot here. That makes no sense at all.

That’s Phil over there, on top of that really high rock. I wanted to go too, but Sven said I couldn’t go there because there are no roads to the top of the rock. I don’t like it when there’s no road. I keep thinking about those areoplanes. I asked if I could come with if I took an areoplane, but he said I can’t go on an areoplane, that they are only for humans. Why should areoplanes only be for humans? That doesn’t seem fair. He said I’m too big. TOO BIG! I’M BIG EMMA I’M SUPPOSED TO BE BIG!


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