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#45 Give Me some more Gas, Sven!


So remember how gas is like chocolate? I really like having gas, and I’m always really disappointed when I run out in the middle of nowhere. I’m just like Really guys? Why didn’t you put more gas in? Emma said gas was different than chocolate though, because she doesn’t need chocolate to go anywhere like I need gas.

Sven got a bit annoyed at me for saying that I think. I know my gas gauge doesn’t work, it hasn’t worked in a long time. But gas gauges do that sometimes, and it’s not like I can fix it! I don’t have any hands and I can’t just magically fix it.

They always count my miles and write them down in a little book. He told me if I don’t want to run out, maybe I should count the miles next time. Well fine Sven, why don’t I just count so this doesn’t happen again!


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