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#8 Sven Fixed my Window!


Sven fixed my leaky window! He used a thing called a silicone gun and at first I was a little scared because I thought he was shooting a gun at me and I was like WTF Sven?! But then I realized the gun was just squeezing that silicone stuff out and that helps with leaky windows. How silly of me! Sorry Sven…

Anyway, he patched up my window with that stuff, and it stopped the leaking! Finally I don’t need that stupid plastic bandaid anymore! Now I can show my side again and nobody will think my seals are old and tired. We will have to do some grooming to make it look a little neater. But at least my interior isn’t getting wet anymore.

That is the nice things about cities, and friends. It was our friend Andrew’s silicone gun. There are so many nice people in Seattle! They know how to treat a bus right!


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