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#43 You’re not Coming in Here, Sven!


Look at his feet! They are so muddy. That’s disgusting, Sven is going to get mud everywhere in my interior! When I told him he couldn’t come in he said that my tires get really muddy, too. But that’s a stupid thing to say, my tires never go into my interior!

I did let him in though, because he said he was really cold. He said they had gone swimming in a bath full of warm mud out in the middle of muddy hills, and now all of it was gone except on his feet. I don’t understand humans sometimes at all. But I did let him back in.

I also almost didn’t let him in because I’m mad at him too! He told me, just like before in California, that it doesn’t rain in the desert! That was just a lie! And you know what happens when it rains in the desert, Sven? The desert turns into MUD and it just gets everywhere!


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