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#29 Tasting Things is Weird


We have been just going along this pretty coastline for a few days, and we stopped in this little tiny town that I liked. It’s called Men-Doh-Cino or something. It’s not as sunny here as I had hoped (it gets really foggy a lot instead). But it’s a quiet, cute little town and I like it. And Emma wanted to go into this shop, she said she was there many years ago before she knew me. She said she wants to eat a piece of this brown sticky stuff called chocolate.

But I really don’t understand chocolate. Emma loves that stuff, and I asked her why. She said it tastes good, like really good gas. But I still didn’t understand. What does she mean, really good gas? It is allpretty much just the same, except that some gas is better for running my engine than others, but that usually doesn’t matter that much. So I asked her if it was good for running her engine (which she said humans don’t have, they just have stomachs, which are kind of the same and need food instead of gas), and she said no, chocolate is not very good for that.

But, then why did she eat it then, if it wasn’t good for your stomach? She said again that it tastes good, but I still didn’t understand, it’s just the same thing she said before! Ugh. So I asked again and she said it also makes you happy. I guess I get that, sort of.


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