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#42 I like the Desert, and Birds


I’ve decided I like the desert. It is dry here, there is no condensation in my insides in the morning! It feels great!

I’ve been thinking a lot about flying on this areoplane thing that Phil came here on. First of all, Sven said that if you come in on an aeroplane, you’re coming from very very far away. So far even, that cars can’t drive there. He says that’s because you need to cross the ocean. WHAT?! Cross the ocean! That’s just rediculous and impossible and everything! But then he said that I’ve crossed the ocean before, and in fact I come from the same place across the ocean that Phil does. That’s just silly, Sven. Of course I’ve never crossed an ocean.

I do wonder what it is like to fly though. I told Emma to open all of my doors this morning and see if I feel like a bird and could fly. But it didn’t work. Emma says I’m too heavy to be a bird. And I can’t flap my doors on my own. She said it’s better that I am a Bus. But I wish sometimes that I could be a bird.


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