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#74 I Have Decided that the Ocean is Not Scary!

I have terrible news! I asked Emma if we could stop parking by the ocean, and she said No, because all of Baja (that’s the part of Mexico we are in now) has an ocean around it! That’s horrible! So I asked if we could park not next to the ocean after Baja and she said that a lot of the way down to South America has ocean next to it, so I will have to park by the ocean a lot! I told her That’s horrible, I’m going to rust away!
Emma said she wouldn’t let me rust away. And she said they bought some stuff to put on me if I get any little rust spots, so the rust spots will not get bigger and hurt me.
So, I have decided I don’t want to seem silly in front of other buses that want to park next to the ocean. I am going to park even closer and I have decided it is not scary at all! No ocean will stop a Bus like me! Look, I got really close already!

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