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#37 Surfing is Stupid and We Found Rita!


Oh my, there is just so much to say! So we were riding along next to the ocean (but on the street, not the water!) and then Rita just zoomed by from the other side! Sven and Emma didn’t even tell me she was here! We haven’t seen her since we were more north and it was snowing all the time, I was so surprised to see her so far south in the sunshine!

We went and chased after her and told her to come cruise with us! But then our humans did something stupid and actually decided to go surfing! Buddy was right, they just jumped into the ocean! I was so nervous at first, I really don’t want Emma and Sven to start rusting all over me (that’s just gross).

So Rita and Buddy and I parked all in a row (don’t worry I parked in the middle. Rita is such a pretty bus, I don’t want Buddy to think she is prettier than me because no bus is prettier than me). We parked and it was very fun, and there was a wall so I didn’t have to look at the ocean. Buddy explained that his human Robbie goes surfing all the time and hasn’t rusted yet, so he thinks Emma and Sven will be fine too. He says they put on something like a water suit that covers their arms and legs so they don’t rust.


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