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#27 Don’t we look Fabulous in the Snow?


We look amazing! Like, just look at us. We are gorgeous. I could just look at us all pretty and covered in snow all day long. I haven’t seen snow since last winter, back when I was still living in Illinois with Emma’s parents.

It has been so fun hanging with Rita and Irie. We took a lot of pictures (okay, our humans did, but they were taking pictures of us) and watched the humans have a snowball fight and run around in the cold snow.

I actually really like the snow. Mostly because it looks pretty, but also because it doesn’t just get everything wet like rain does. It is a bit difficult sometimes to get started in the morning, and I really don’t like ice because it is hard for Sven to drive in. Emma and Sven don’t like the snow, they get very cold sleeping with me outside then. But here they can sleep inside a cabin with their friends. And I’m happy they can. It’s not like in Portland, where I was really bored and lonely by myself outside all day – here I have my bus friends! And sometimes buses just need time alone to be buses together, you know?


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