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#22 I Wonder What it’s Like Up There


I just love being in this forest. Looking at all of the very tall trees. I wish I knew what it looked like at the top of them. It must be strange to be such a tall tree, always sticking up into the sky. I wonder what you can see from there, and what it feels like to be so high up.

And the silliest part about being a tree is that they don’t have wheels. They can’t drive anywhere. It makes me feel bad for the trees. They don’t get to go places and have adventures like buses do, I hope they’re not bored all the time. Or maybe they just like being trees and don’t mind not having adventures.

Sven said that they were really really old, too. Like, okay, I’m a pretty old car, but they are like really old. They said big trees are usually even older than me, but these are some of the really old trees. So, if they are that old, and they have no adventures and are just bored all the time, that must be a very long time to be bored.


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