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#28 Sunshine is the Best Thing besides Adventure


Look at all that sunshine! It is just wonderful and makes me want to drive everywhere and camp everywhere and get my picture taken over and over and over!

We left Rita and Irie. It was really sad saying goodbye, we had an awesome time hanging out together. But we want to go south. Emma and Sven, despite my complaining about the rain, have stayed in this rainy Oregon for almost forever and now they have to go south really fast, because we are picking up a friend in southern California soon. So we drove back through those beautiful Red trees and then we went to the coast, and here we are!

And it is beautiful! I think Emma and Sven like the ocean (which I am glad is really far down there!), but what I love is the sunshine! It feels so good to just get everything warmed up! Maybe it was a good idea to head south so fast after all. I hope California is always like this.


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