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Flashback: Snowball Fighting


So this is what Emma said is called a flashback. It’s when you talk about things that happened in the past although they are already finished now. But I asked her and she said it was a good time for a flashback, because yesterday was a holiday just like Christmas, except that it has to do with clocks, or something like that. But it means I have to tell everybody “Happy New Year!”

This picture was back in Oregon, about four weeks ago, when all of that snow came down and made Irie, Rita and I so pretty. So we went out to play in the snow for a bit and Emma and Sven did this thing called snowball fighting. Fights are usually not good, but snowball fights are different, because they are just fighting with snow, and that is beautiful.

Emma asked me to be on her team, so I was like “yes girls rule!” I tried to dive in between her and the snowballs every time that Sven through one, but I’m not very good at moving all by myself (except sometimes when I’m going downhill) and I don’t have any arms. And then Emma started throwing snowballs at my windshield! Man, she does not know how to play on a team!


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