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#16 Humans and Hygiene Sticks


We left the Olympic National place and went south. I told them to head south, away from all the rain. I am definitely the smartest one of us. I mean I am a lot older than them, you know, in the wise and experienced way.

I really don’t get humans (you’d think I would, I live with two of them, all the time. That’s a lot of time around humans, for a car). Yesterday was some special day for them, Emma said it was different than all the other days. It still rained, so I don’t know how it was different from all the other days, but whatever…Anyways, she said it was a day where you are supposed to eat a special thing called turkey (not the country, the food, Emma said that was a very important difference) and say thank you a lot. But I said I don’t think I like turkey, but I did say thank you when they gave me some gas. So I guess that counts. I am almost like a human! Before you know it I’ll be rolling on two wheels instead of four. That would just be ridiculous.

One thing they also do – like all the time – is put sticks in their mouths and rub them around for a few minutes. They did this after they ate the turkey, too. That’s why I picked this picture today – it is just so interesting to me that they do this. It seems so strange, and I don’t really understand the point. Emma said it’s like windshield wipers – they help to keep my windshield clean. Okay, well I understand that, of course, but that is outside and Sven can’t see anything if I don’t use them. But they do that inside, it can’t possibly help them see better. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Silly humans.


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