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#72 There Are Little Humans Everywhere

It is very strange, because my new friends have a lot of little humans with them. They are humans that aren’t big humans yet. Sven said it is important that little humans always stay together with big humans because big humans know more about being humans.
Little humans are funny. They run around a lot and poke at each other with sticks and are always doing strange things. They are not like the little humans that we were hanging out with back in the big red tree forest. Those humans would come look at my interior and pay a lot of attention to me. All of these little humans have their own campers and buses to play in, so they don’t come play in me.
It reminds me of Andres and Anna and their little human, but he always played in me or just outside. Talking to Red Beard has made me think of all of those times a lot. And the little humans do too.

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