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#17 Portland is Boring, Even if they Do Have Cool Waterfalls


We went back to the Portland city. Sven and Emma have a friend there named Shameem, and I parked in front of her house for a few days. She has a very comfy road in front of her house, but it got a little lonely sometimes because everybody spent most of the time in the house instead of with me. They said it was more convenient. Convenient! I’m convenient! I mean, I am just like a house, but I can drive and meep and have everything they need!

We did go driving a few times though. We went to go see some good waterfalls because waterfalls are awesome. There is just something about them that makes you look at them. I wanted to go on the bridge with Emma and Shameem, but they said it was only for humans, which I didn’t think was nice at all! Why should a bridge only be for humans? I bet all kinds of cars would like to go on it and see the waterfall better, but they are not allowed to.

I think they knew that I was annoyed at them, so they took me to see the waterfalls. But I still don’t like being outside alone the rest of the time.


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