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#34 Trusty Humans


So, this was not my fault! They took my distributor apart and put a new one in yesterday. And now I started this morning before I got about 20 feet and my engine went out. Why did you do that guys?

Sven said it was because with this new distributor I would be able to use my gas better. Okay, that is a good reason. And with my new friend Robbie here (he used to be their friend, but now he’s mine, too. We hung out all day yesterday and he even drove me around!) I am not scared if my engine goes out. I know he will help me.

And he is a lot faster at it than Sven and Emma are, too. He just moves things and a few minutes later, I feel all better again and my engine works like new! I have so many trusty humans around that love me, I don’t even know what to do next!


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