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#131 Humans Spend a Lot of Time Cooking

Why do you spend so much time cooking? I asked Sven. Well, because it’s cheaper than eating at restaurants, and I can do it here at home with you, he told me.
Yeah, with me is definitely better, I told him. But why do you need to spend so much time cooking or eating at restaurants? He said, Because humans need to eat food or we won’t work right.
I guess it is kind of like chocolate and gas, I said. He said it was, but that there are many different kinds of things to eat, and some were better than others. Like premium gas? I asked him. Yes, Sven said, but think about if there were hundreds of types of premium gas. And I thought wow maybe it would be good to be a human to have so many types of gas. But then I also would never know which one to pick.

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