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#15 It Stopped Raining!


What a beautiful day! Now I can really see it! For some weird reason, it stopped raining today! We woke up to blue skies, just in time for a great view of the mountains.

We’ve been camping with friends of ours and their Toyota Prius for a few days, and last night we camped at this place. We woke up with such a wonderful view! And – the best part – I got to drive all the way up to see this view, too! A lot of times, Sven and Emma leave me behind to park while they go on adventures (they say they like to walk, but really I just would rather park than go drive places with no roads, that’s very uncomfortable and I don’t need to subject myself to that unless it’s necessary), but this time I could drive all the way up here on a nice, smooth road! All of the humans left to walk around some more, while I got to hang out and still enjoy the wonderful view.

See, that’s Emma and Alex, over there, all bundled up against the cold. When they get back we can make some nice, hot tea for them. Humans like things like tea.


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