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#11 Look at me, I’m on a Boat!


That’s me, on a boat! On a ferry, I guess, but a ferry is also a boat. I love going on boats. I can’t swim, and I’d sure like to learn, but that’s not really very healthy for buses like me (although it does seem like a nice way to cool off).

We are going towards a place called the Olympic Forrest, or something like that. Emma said we could either drive all the way around Seattle, or we could get on a ferry. As soon as I heard that I told them there’s not question about it: ferry it is!

Emma also said I shouldn’t publish this picture. She said the quality isn’t too good, like it’s not a good picture or something. But that’s not my fault (if I could take pictures, I’m sure they would be excellent), and I’m on a ferry, so this definitely is going in my diary!


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