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#87 We have to Cross the Ocean! But I get to Ride on a Boat

Oh no. We have to go across the ocean. I hope we make it.
Sven said we have to go across to get to the rest of Mexico. And I was likeĀ Don’t worry, I’ll just drive you guys there instead! But Sven said it was much shorter to just go across the ocean, because if we drove we would almost have to go all the way back to the United States. But I told him Well even if its longer, it’s so much more likely that we will actually get there without rusting away, so isn’t it better to drive?
But then Emma told me that I get to go on a boat. Ohhhhhh a boat! I said! I actually really like boats. They are so brave, because they just go right across the ocean and aren’t scared of rusting at all and sometimes they take me with them to keep me safe, like now! I don’t like the ocean, but at least I can cross it on a boat!

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